Idle Cheff

Have you ever wanted to run your own restaurant? Now you can!

Become a Chef and build your restaurant empire! You start in Italy with a small trattoria but you will expand in no time! Grow your business in different cities and explore other countries. Purchase upgrades that will help you generate idle income even if you are away. Tap, earn and invest to earn even more!

Decorate and customize your Chef and restaurant with hundreds of available fancy decors and unlock awesome pets that will bring new life to your place. There are mini games too!

  • 🔪 Food chopping action where you can’t lose!
  • ✈️  Travel the world and expand your business
  • 📈 Purchase investments to generate income even when you’re offline
  • 🕹 Mini games that allow you to play a game inside a game
  • ⚜️ Unlock new decors to make your restaurant look fancy
  • 🦄. Adopt a pet, a robot or a unicorn
  • 🏆 Unlock achievements and show others who’s the chef!

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iPhone, iPad

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