Remembr, old friend, when our stories were not just myths? When they sang songs of glory and remembered our deeds? There is a place where we can bring it all back. There is a a tournament that, if we work together, can make us remembered again.

Legendary is a turn-based tactical game where you gather a unique deck of Heroes and fight for Glory on a battle royale arena. Prepare yourself for fast paced gameplay and intense emotions as you try to outsmart your opponents and dominate the board. Because you didn’t play turn-based the we way we do turn-base yet 🕹

So how do I play?
  1. Pick your dream team
  2. Place them on the map
  3. Fight in a chess-like experience with unique, fun and playful heroes!
  4. Defeat your enemy or get defeated and try again
  • Fast, but tactical gameplay (battles average about 3 minutes each).
  • Build your own deck of cards and use it to summon legendary heroes.
  • Discover deep synergies between Heroes and use them to your advantage.
  • Experience meaningful player progress.

Immerse yourself in the tongue-in-cheek world of Legendary, where Heroes fight in a divine tournament for eternal glory… or just for pure fun!


?? / ?? / 2021






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