Build, transform
and scale your game

From prototyping, designing, development to final product delivery and publishing.

With 6 years of experience in mobile  we’ve got your back in every aspect of game production.






Sometimes ideas work on paper, or in our heads, but it’s not always easy to transform them into a product. It’s good to prototype, test and experiment. It’s even better to get value out of prototyping. We can help you build the right thing.


Agile Methodology

With experience from both gaming and mobile apps we know the value of Agile methodology, and how to apply it in games.


Close cooperation

We cooperate in fully functional Agile teams with weekly or bi-weekly sprints. That means you’re constantly in the loop via Slack and Gitlab.


Continuous integration and delivery

We believe in playable increments from week 1. Constant feedback and product access are key to close cooperation and to Agile. Each of our products runs CI/CD by default (at no additional cost) so you’re up to date with the progress.

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