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Summon Ancient Gods and Heroes to the tournament of Legends. Learn their weakneses, build their strengths and bring back their forgotten fame

Speed Pong

Play the old-school hit like never before!
Two paddles, one ball, eleven points to win. We all know this joyful formula. We’ve also decided to spice it up with real-time multiplayer!

Finger Hero

Finger Hero is a challenging single touch high score game. Choose your hero, tap and hold to play. Move swiftly and steer clear of the obstacles.

Our Company

Games for those that aren't 'Gamers'

We specialize in providing amazing games. Our products are designed with the latest technologies. Delivering exceptional user experience is our highest priority.

As a team of skillful developers with a lean and result-driven mindset we are always hooked on ensuring the most intuitive solutions and pure entertainment.

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Our Vision

Mobile Gaming

We love mobile games. There’s something elegant about being the game that players can engage with from the palms of their hands


We’re focused on creating great experiences in mobile mid-core multiplayer games. We believe mobile games can be fair in monetization, while keeping competitive e-sport character

Data analytics

We’re living in the age of data. We’re constantly balancing decisions based on our game design intuition and on a-b testing data.

Work and collaboration

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