Finger Hero

Finger Hero is a challenging single touch high score game. Choose your hero, tap and hold to play. Move swiftly and steer clear of the obstacles. Each time you bump into one of them – it’s a game over. Remember not to lift your finger!

  1. Collect coins and complete missions to unlock new heroes.
  2. Try it out and unlock one of 99 funniest characters ever made.
  3. Compete against your friends and see who will survive the longest.
Main Objective

Get the highest score that you can! Never lift your finger!

  • It’s better on iOS. For the gamers. ~StayPlation
  • A truly sophisticated experience. ~GentleFinger
  • That’s a beautiful thing. ~Michael
  • It’s so good I could eat it. ~Goat

Released On






iPhone, iPad

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