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Remember, old friend, when our stories were not just myths? When they sang songs of glory and told tales of our deeds? They say there is a place where we can bring it all back. They say that, if we work together, we’ll be remembered once more.

Legendary is a turn-based tactical game where you gather a unique deck of Heroes and fight for Glory on a battle royale arena. Prepare yourself for fast paced gameplay and intense emotions as you try to outsmart your oponents and dominate the board. Because you didn’t play turn-based the we way we do turn-base yet 😉 

We are still looking for talented people to join this project


Play the old-school hit like never before! Trust me.

Two paddles, one ball, eleven points to win. We all know this joyful formula. We’ve also decided to spice it up with real-time multiplayer!
No more looking for a fellow player around. We find them for you. Show them what does it take to be the Pong master!

idle cheff

Ever dreamed of becoming a restaurant billionaire? Start your food adventure and make your first serious money. Everyone’s a winner here!

Become a Chef and build your restaurant empire! You start in Italy with a small trattoria but you will expand in no time! Grow your business in different cities and explore other countries. Purchase upgrades that will help you generate idle income even if you are away. Tap, earn and invest to earn even more!

finger hero

Every hero needs a finger. Your finger.
Finger Hero is a challenging single touch high score game. Choose your hero, tap and hold to play. Move swiftly and steer clear of the obstacles. Each time you bump into one of them – it’s a game over. Remember not to lift your finger!
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