Gaming is about fun and adrenaline – for both players and spectators. At Daftmobile, we use the latest technologies to make them most enjoyable. It’s not only about gameplay, but also proper balance and assurance that everyone follows the rules. Thanks to the EU subsidies we can use artificial intelligence to make eSports even more interesting and bring it to new audiences.


Project Description

The Elympics project is aimed at developing an innovative platform with an intelligent matchmaking system and anti-doping protection for mobile eSports games. The project is run by a consortium formed by Nethone and Daftmobile – a Warsaw-based company specializing in the development of mobile games and utility applications.
eSports is one of the key trends shaping the future of the games industry. While the segments of PC and consoles have been maturing for some time now, mobile platforms have just begun to experience a dynamic growth. In effect, as a byproduct of the common access to handheld devices and the Internet, hundreds of new mobile games are released every day.
Elympics will answer the needs of game developers and studios working on new productions dedicated to the mobile eSports segment.

Elympics has a competitive advantage over other solutions thanks to:

  • its compliance with the requirements and specific characteristics of the mobile esports,
  • the application of artificial intelligence in the matchmaking and anti-doping components, thanks to which both fraud detection and matching processes are based on behavioural analysis, the player’s skills and history,
  • the use of new components in the universal SDK (Software Development Kit) that are fit for a variety of games in order to lower production costs for both Daftmobile and external game developers.

The R&D work planned in the project includes the abstraction of universal logics of mobile eSports games, building a dedicated profiler for mobile platforms and games, creating test games necessary for further experiments and normalization of data coming from mobile devices. As a result, we will deliver the final product – the matchmaking and antidoping components based on artificial intelligence.
The outcome of the project will be implemented in the economic activities of the consortium partners as a ready-to-use component for mobile eSports games. It will be used for games developed by DaftMobile and sold to the external game developers.

Total value of the project: 11 324 617.78 PLN
Subsidy: 8 139 131.80 PLN

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